Scheduled outgoing should only run if pending exports present

Craig Gilmour 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

On outbound runs that are scheduled for - say every 30 minutes - only execute the export if there is something to export. i.e. if the export is for a CSV file, and there may or may not be data to send. However, we may want to "wake-up" and attempt to generate an export if there is something to send. Priority is medium.

Bob I can confirm that I have seen this bug when specifying a schedule for an outgoing operation list (no such problem observed when no schedule specified to override the default 10 seconds). The problem report #249 is (kind of) related.

Matt, can you please determine whether this is still an issue in v3.0.0

Resolved through the use of the outgoing pending plugin. This is used to check for changes only in a specified management agent, and runs with the advanced scheduling options of v3.0.

Outgoing Pending Operation has been tested. Issue closed.