Change detection plug-in/method for FIM Portal MA?

Eddie Kirkman 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 12

This question from IBM resource at DET - building the FIM solution. I could not find mention of the FIM portal in the 2.2.3 doco.

What is the change detection plug-in/method used for FIM Portal MA?

Currently we have configured EvB in the following manner for FIM Portal MA.
Outgoing Operation

  • Run Profile - Export
  • Run Profile - Delta Import and Delta Synchronization (DIDS)

EvB is running. A new user is created in the source system and imported into the Sync Service. The Outgoing operation for FIM MA is fired by Event Broker but when the DIDS is run there are no further changes. What we are expecting is that there will be a pending target system ERE for the user.
In this case flow a value to an attribute in the target system.

So my question is what is the standard configuration or plug-in used for detecting changes in the FIM Portal.


Eddie, Event Broker v2.x was not designed or intended to be used with the FIM portal in any way. I know Bob has developed some work-arounds for certain requirements but I don't understand them well enough to explain them appropriately.

Matt, if you understand how this scenario works (or doesn't work) with Event Broker v2.x then please explain, otherwise Bob should be able to help.


My understanding of how Bob handles scenarios like this is that he has set up some MPRs to write to a file in the event of a data or synchronization rule change. Event Broker is then set up with the File Changes plugin to pull changes.

Bob, can you please comment on your autopilot approach for Eddie?

As Patrick stated earlier, Event Broker v3.0 has a mechanism for handling changes in the FIM Portal in true real-time.

Accidentally assigned to the wrong person, sorry

Matthew's understanding is correct - a custom activity (based on the log-to-file activity created as part of Chris' FIM course, which is basically the same as a version posted recently on the FIM Forum by a Microsoft employee - see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff859524.aspx) is set up to write to a nominated text file, which is then monitored by EvB 2.3 using the File Changes plug-in. For more details search JIRA for "FIM auto pilot". IBM are free to implement the same approach - which I used @ Centrelink with success (see the Centrelink docx returned by the JIRA search).

Thanks guys. I will pass the relevant info on to IBM.

Thanks for your feedback, Bob. Please reopen this issue, Eddie, if this does not answer your question.

One supplementary question.

Can you configure EvB File Changes plugin to monitor the file on a remote server?

I assume we can use a UNC file path and this will work, but cannot find that explicitly mentioned (either as valid or invalid) in the doco and I do not have a system available to test on.


Bob, could you comment on how you got this working for the FIM Portal? Have you had it working remotely?

Spoke to Bob on the phone, it does indeed work fine as long as you use a valid UNC path.

Thanks heaps. I will close this shortly - just waiting to see if IBM come back with any more questions (it is all a bit political as usual).

Eddie, if the above issue has been answered, please close the issue.

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IBM has not come back with any subsequent questions so I can only assume that they are satisfied with the response. Thanks all for the input.