Where to obtain a client's site code to request Event Broker license

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Based on the Event Broker license request instruction client's site code is required.

I would like to know where I can obtain the client's site code for AHG so that I can in request for the Event Broker license for their Dev/UAT environment deployment?

In addition, based on my understanding of the Event Broker lincense request instruction

  • When the client purchased Event Broker do they do not automatically get an Event Broker license as part of the product delivery.
  • Thus the client will need make a request for an Event Broker license whether directly to licensing@unifysolutions.net.

If I understanding this process correctly then do I need to wait for the client to initiate this request before I can lodge an Event Broker license request in the Jira system?

Thank you.

Thank Patrick.

The Licensing information is what I was missing.

Perhaps it's just me. But would it be possible to provide the link in the Request a License for reference.

Thank you.

Sorry my bad. It was already there under the link license.

I missed it.

Please pass this pass this issue back for me to resolve and close.

Thank you

No worries Shane, assigning to you

That article is pretty comprehensive on the process

Information was all available in Jira. Resolved.