Installing the MIM Event Broker License


This topic outlines the process of installing a MIM Event Broker license.


MIM Event Broker can be used with full functionality for 30 days, as a trial license is included with the installation.

A license request includes the client name, client contact name, client e-mail, MIM Event Broker version and site code (available on the MIM Event Broker about page).

After following the instructions on How to Request a MIM Event Broker License and retrieving your license, the Event Broker license can be installed in the manner below.


Navigate to the MIM Event Broker About page.

With a new installation of MIM Event Broker, a trial license will still be in affect and the license section will resemble the following.

However, a new MIM Event Broker license can be applied at any time, and will override the previously applied license.

Click the Browse button and select the MIM Event Broker license from the system. Finally, click the Save button. The About page should now indicate that MIM Event Broker is licensed.

Configuration License

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