UNIFYBroker Changes Operation


The UNIFYBroker Changes operation can be used to detect changes in a UNIFYBroker system, versions 3.0.0 and later. For more information on adapters, please review the relevant UNIFYBroker documentation.

Technical Requirements

The UNIFYBroker Changes operation requires the following in order to operate:

  • An active UNIFYBroker service instance with at least one configured adapter
  • The correct WCF configuration information to be present in the service exe.config file (see Configuration below)


The UNIFYBroker Changes operation will only allow its encompassing operation list to begin execution if changes are detected in the target system for the targeted UNIFYBroker adapter. Following a successful delta import on the UNIFYBroker system, the changes are marked as retrieved, and the operation will not continue operation list execution again until further changes are made to the targeted UNIFYBroker system.


After an appropriate UNIFYBroker agent is selected, and in addition to the common operation configuration settings shared by all Changes Operations, the UNIFYBroker Changes operation requires the following by way of configuration:

Name Description
Select Adapter Once an agent has been selected, an attempt is made to retrieve a list of adapters from the UNIFYBroker instance. If this has been successful, and there are adapters present, this field can be used to select the adapter to check for changes against. Note that this field will only be displayed if the UNIFYBroker service contactable and there are adapters present.
Use Adapter ID Override By selecting this, an adapter ID can be manually entered, rather than selecting one using the Select Adapter field above. Note that this field will only be displayed if the UNIFYBroker service was contactable and there are adapters present.
Adapter ID The identifier of the UNIFYBroker adapter to check for changes - this is the relevant AdapterId from the UNIFYBroker AdapterEngine.extensibility.config.xml file. This value must be entered if UNIFYBroker could not be contacted.
CHECK: An UNIFYBroker Agent is required to configure an UNIFYBroker Changes operation.
TIP: If there is only one UNIFYBroker agent configured, it will be used by default, and the selection will not be offered.

In addition to the above configuration, the operation requires the Unify.Service.Event.exe.config file to be configured as outlined in the UNIFYBroker agent.

Note that the above endpoint information should only have to be configured once for each instance of UNIFYBroker that is required. Following a change to this configuration, the UNIFYNow service will require a restart.

Operation UNIFYBroker Changes Operation

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