Identity Broker for Aurion Specifications


Identity Broker for Aurion is compatible with Aurion v10.1.2.04 MR1 and later.


Identity Broker for Aurion is capable of reading from any configured Aurion query (via the QUERY_TO_XML function) and writing to the following API functions:

  • EMP_UPDATE_PERS (Update Personal Details)
  • PERSON_ADD (Add Personal Details)
  • SEC_USER_ADD (Add Security User)
  • SEC_USER_UPDATE (Update Security User)
  • EMP_SCHED_EMP (Update Schedule Start Employee - Employee Details)

Queries can be configured to read from any Aurion table and supports various filters and restrictions.

The application security of the Security User account is applied during this process, so Identity Broker for Aurion instances can be restricted to just the content permitted.

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