Identity Broker for Workday Prerequisites

Identity Broker requirements

Refer to the Identity Broker prerequisites article in the Identity Broker product guide.

Workday requirements

The following are the requirements of the Workday environment prior to use with the connector:


Identity Broker for Workday is compatible with all current versions of Workday, using Workday Web Services v24.0.

Login Permissions

In order to connect to the relevant forms, the Identity Broker component will require Workday credentials with permission to perform the desired operations.

WCF Settings

In order for Identity Broker to successfully connect to the Workday instance, the following configuration must be placed in the %ProgamFiles%\UNIFY Solutions\Identity Broker\Services directory.

Add the following inside the bindings element in the system.ServiceModel/bindings XPath, merging the customBinding elements if one already exists:

  <binding name="Human_ResourcesBinding" maxreceivedmessagesize="204003200" maxbuffersize="204003200" maxbufferpoolsize="204003200">
    <security authenticationmode="UserNameOverTransport" messagesecurityversion="WSSecurity11WSTrustFebruary2005WSSecureConversationFebruary2005WSSecurityPolicy11BasicSecurityProfile10" allowinsecuretransport="true" enableunsecuredresponse="true"></security>
    <textmessageencoding messageversion="Soap11WSAddressingAugust2004">
      <readerquotas maxdepth="2147483647" maxstringcontentlength="2147483647" maxarraylength="2147483647" maxbytesperread="2147483647" maxnametablecharcount="2147483647"></readerquotas>
    <httpstransport maxreceivedmessagesize="204003200"></httpstransport>

Add the following inside the system.ServiceModel XPath, merging the client elements if one already exists:

  <endpoint address="" binding="customBinding" bindingconfiguration="Human_ResourcesBinding" contract="Human_ResourcesPort" name="Human_ResourcesBinding_Human_ResourcesPort"></endpoint>
CHECK: Replace the address with the one provided by the Workday administrator.
ALERT: The settings defined in the readerQuotas element are used as protection against attacks, for example denial of service (DOS) attacks. The readerQuotas element can be removed completely, or the values adjusted as desired. See here for details.
CHECK: Following the configuration change, the service must be restarted.

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