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Deadlock stopping Generate Changes operation from completing successfully

Tom Parker 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

We've got a site where the adapter entities have been cleared and on a generate changes only one or two thousand entities get processed with one time the following error occurring:

"Transaction (Process ID 124) was deadlocked on lock resources with
another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the

It looks like since the connector schedules haven't been disabled that they're running imports that are causing the database to deadlock, aborting the reflection process. I had a look through the documentation in the knowledge base but I couldn't find anything that confirms my suspicion.

What I'm looking for is confirmation that UNIFYBroker does hit a deadlock when a reflection and an import occur at the same on the same connector so I can advise the client on what to do in the future to avoid this (i.e., disable the schedules when doing a re-population).

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Hi Tom

What version of Broker is this?

I would recommend disabling connector schedules while repopulating, if for no other reason than improving performance. Broker should avoid deadlocks in this situation, however, but it is possible that this isn't working as intended.

If possible, try following these instructions to save a deadlock graph.

Also, if it hasn't already been done, try rebuilding the indexes as described here

Version is 5.3.2

Thanks Beau, I'll make sure to advise the client that they should have the connectors disabled anyway. I've been talking with the other consultants when trying to figure out what's going on and a lot of us have seen this deadlock on reflection behavior so it's possible there's something going on here.