Connector config not showing

Eddie Kirkman 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 4

I know I have seen this before, but cannot find it anywhere.

The ISAS connector at TAFE is a SQL connector and is not showing me its config in any kind of user friendly way. Any idea what needs to be done to rectify? I assume (but do not know) that it used to be correct.

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Is that Identity Broker v5.1? Could you confirm that the connector was upgraded to v5.1 as well and that the dll's are correctly installed into the Identity Broker web bin folder? Does the UI work for some period after a restart and then stop working? If that's the case a fix is available in v5.1.0 RC2 or greater.

IdB 5.1.0 rev 0


extended database connector

MS azure AD


IdB changelog repository sql

I just restarted and the issue is still there - I will see about scheduling a change to upgrade at some time. This is only a cosmetic issue - I only noticed it when looking to see what query the connector was using.