Import with Scheduler disabled

Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3

Currently if the IDB scheduler is disabled, no connectors can run the full imports. When migrating between environments, sometimes you will copy the connector configurations across (which include a timed schedule for scheduled runs). However when doing data load for migration, you want to be able to run the specific connector full imports without other things running by themselves. Currently if the scheduler is disabled nothing can be run on the connector. Would be handy if connector imports could be run manually even with the scheduler disabled.


In one Idb4 environment Richard Green got me to use a PowerShell script to switch between 2 lots of connector extensibility files - one with schedules and one without. This got around the problem. but created another in having to maintain 2 sets of extensibility files and risk one becoming out of sync with the other.