UNIFYMonitor limit of Organisation's on dropdown list

Sean Little (DevOps Engineer) 4 years ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson (Platform and Automation Manager) 4 years ago 3

When adding new guid's to the CRM I notice that only 10 orgs are appearing in the list, although there are close to 20 in the CRM with PowerBI guids. I've tried removing and adding guid's and the org's within the list appear to change however the length of the list remains at 10. i.e it adds in one and removes an old org. Would it be possible to increase this limit?



Satisfaction mark by Sean Little (DevOps Engineer) 4 years ago

Hi Sean please confirm this functionality is working at https://monitor.test.unifysolutions.net so that we can move the feature into production


Thanks David, I can confirm this functionality is working. I appreciate the quick implementation time.


This feature has been completed and is now in production