UNIFY Monitor UI issues with mobile view

Bob Bradley 4 years ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson (Platform and Automation Manager) 4 years ago 8

Had a look just now at the mobile view and like the vertical display of reports. However I can’t switch clients, the header and footer can’t be minimised and mouse over doesn’t work as expected. Using Safari on iPhone

Hi Bob

I've done some testing just now with an iOS emulator and I'm not running into the same issue as far as the inability to switch clients. This might be the fact the emulator isnt accurate enough but could you try this again and get back to me. 

Could you also elaborate a little on what you mean by your header and footer comment, some screenshots would be great so I can see exactly what you mean, as well as what behaviour you expect from mouseover.


I took this yesterday but couldn't upload it at the time.

Yes I think the emulator must be very limited - the UX on the real thing is not great.   The header takes up about 2/5 of the screen and can't be resized and allows for a single full to be visible only.  This might sound OK in portrait mode but is an inhibitor when scrolling down.  In landscape mode the header obscures half of the screen or more, and does not allow for any report to be visible.  The footer size is non-impacting.  When I try to change customers there are only the 3 options in the menu (as per the screenshot attached). About half of the time clicking on the menu button doesn't raise the menu

Thanks for the screenshot Bob.

You should be able to scroll through that menu there to see the other options including the dropdown for other clients. I'll also add minimising the header to the backlog and look into that when possible. 

Ah yes I can scroll through the menu - that isn't obvious I must say :).  Was interested in the full screen menu at the bottom but it won't let me click on it unfortunately.  Perhaps the menu itself needs a menu bar?

Yes it seems safari doesnt support fullscreen at least in the way Power BI provides it for embedded reports. I'll have a think on how we could potentially make this more clear.


Improvements have been made in regards to this ticket please review at - https://monitor.test.unifysolutions.net and if acceptable they will be pushed to the production site in the next update


Wow David that's MUCH better - well done!!!


These changes have been implemented into production.