Dashboards for the visually impaired

Bob Bradley 4 years ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson (Platform and Automation Manager) 4 years ago 7

We have a customer who is visually impaired and cannot read the reports as they appear on the standard dashboard.  The reports themselves are not a problem when shown and enlarged individually via the PowerBI console, but when they are shown on https://monitor.unifysolutions.net there is a resizing issue with the browser (certainly on Chrome) which renders the page unusable.

An alternative dashboard option for the visually impaired needs consideration please.

Hi Bob

The way we have implemented the embedded reports currently in UNIFYMonitor is setup in such a way to avoid having horizontal scrollbars on the iframe it is displayed in. It can prove somewhat difficult to get consistency at the moment as the resizing of tiles is based on the width of reports and this is not currently consistent across reports we have made in Power BI. Would implementing a button that turned this feature off and zoomed in the reports, meaning they would be larger but have a horizontal scrollbar, be a suitable solution? 

David this sounds reasonable - we can only try this and I can get the customer to provide feedback.  Please let me know when I can arrange this.  Thanks.

Hi Bob

Please direct the customer to the following URL for testing of the accessibility functionality. Once this is deemed acceptable it will be moved into the production site. 



That looks great David - with my only comment being that the mouse-over text should be a couple of sizes bigger I think in "accessibility mode".  I will show this to my customer at the next opportunity - thanks!

Unfortunately we dont have control over the mouse over text to be able to change this. I'll post an idea on the Power BI forums but this will have to wait on functionality on that side which is out of our hands.


This change has been implemented in production after positive feedback from the customer