Under review

Reports for Business and Operational Support

Sooraj Payyoormana 5 years ago in Dashboard updated 5 years ago 2

Various Reports should be available as part of AMS which would be targetting users in different levels:

  1. Business Users
  2. Operational Support
  3. Management
  4. etc.
Under review

Do you have any specific reports you'd like to see on a backlog?

Few example use cases/reports:

1. Business Users:

a. High level report list with no. of applications monitored, # of failures in last x number days/any configurable/static intervals. 

b. Graph shows the most failed applications for a period of time (can be configured for each customer)

2.Operational Support

a. Detailed list of errors for each day, week, month year. Include the error details in the report

b. Applications that are not monitored for the day (During maintenance period, the relevant applications will be ignored in AMS for monitoring)

Will post more if anything comes in mind.