Manage details from CXA_DIR_ENTRY table

Adam van Vliet 14 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aderant Expert updated by anonymous 9 years ago 0

Add new table to be managed by Expert connector - CXA_DIR_ENTRY:

DIRCTY_UNO - Primary key, to be generated using stored procedure.
NAME_UNO - Foreign key, known.
DIR_TYPE_UNO - Not sure, was set to "20" in shown data, need to confirm.
INACTIVE - Defaults to "N"
DIRECTORY_LISTING - login@freehills.com, use simple attribute flow and a rules extension.
LISTING_DESC - Defaults to null.
DISPLAY_AS - Defaults to null.
COUNTRY_CODE - Defaults to null.
SCREEN_TIP - Defaults to null.
LAST_MODIFIED_BY - Defaults to zero (use simple flow with rules extension).
CREATED - Use GetDatabaseDateTime function in connector code to get database time.
CREATED_BY - Defaults to zero (use simple flow with rules extension).
LAST_MODIFIED - Don't include in database schema, should have a trigger.