Under review

Ability to execute multiple check operations

Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 6 years ago updated by Curtis Lusmore 6 years ago 2

Currently, UNIFYNow only supports the ability to execute one check operation against an operation list. 

It would be good if the ability to run multiple check operations, with an AND or OR clause against them, was made available.

One benefit of this for the MIM product, is the execution of an MA containing multiple adapters, when any of the contained adapters have changes available. 

Under review

Would it be for all check operations? Or specific one(s)?

As a workaround for OR with multiple checks, the Operation List Execute Operation could be used (one per check) - all pointing to another operation list containing the operations from the original list and no check operation.

To follow on from this, AND can similarly be done by putting the operation lists in serial - an operation list with a check that executes the second operation list, which has the second check, etc.