Under review

UNIFYAdvance B2C packaged solution for MIM/FIM type requirements

Paul Carmichael 2 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 2 years ago 2

We have a number of clients who have existing systems and currently using MIM/FIM to manage the identity. Could we look into extensions to allow the following types of operations

- On premise Student / HR System <--> Active Directory (on premise)

- On premise Student / HR System <--> ServiceNow (cloud)

Under review

Thanks for the idea, Paul.  I'd say presently, at a superficial level, that UNIYAssure and UNIFYConnect are capable of meeting those requirements. Where we may have shortcomings are in terms of workflow. We are also thinking along future offerings in line with verticals, so a University offering for students may be a great idea.

I'll keep this here under review, and encourage any to give further feedback and discussion. I'll keep this updated when anything appears in backlogs.

I think it would be fantastic to be able to provide UNIFYAssure / UNIFYConnect to the customer packaged under UNIFYAdvantage, with a similar model to the current offerings inside the current UNIFYTrust Service Catalogue.

I'd separate it from FIM/MIM, and investigate a model which provides the capability to link upstream and downstream identity data while wrapped in the UNIFYAdvantage bundle (with UNIFYMonitor, UNIFYRapid capabilities etc).