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Storyboard for UNIFYAdvantage demonstration

I'd like to collect ideas for how we can demonstrate the UNIFYTrust service catalogue.

Constraints: We need to be able to keep components of a demonstration simple and show the key components of the service catalogue.

It may not be possible at first to have a clear demonstration script, in which case we should be trying to build out the story script for a video demonstration.

Put your ideas in the comments!


UNIFYAdvance B2C packaged solution for MIM/FIM type requirements

Paul Carmichael 3 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 4 months ago 3

We have a number of clients who have existing systems and currently using MIM/FIM to manage the identity. Could we look into extensions to allow the following types of operations

- On premise Student / HR System <--> Active Directory (on premise)

- On premise Student / HR System <--> ServiceNow (cloud)


Given recent successful market outcomes being delivered by UNIFYConnect, I think it's safe to close this one for now.