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Request from customer to have configurable time range (time range slider)

Adam Aurisch 3 years ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 6


I have a request from a customer that asks "Really want to stress that time range should be configurable so that we can make the changes without needing any modification to actual report/dashboard"

In conversations what was described was a slider where by you can select the time range which updates the associated dashboard metrics.

This would differ from the existing functionality where by you select the drop down and choose a pre-configured time range.

Under review

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the suggestion. Would you imagine this is a dashboard-wide function or configurable on a per-widget basis?

From the conversations I've had previously with the customer in workshops it was based around the dashboard level. 

Agreed, would be preferable for internal use too. 

For Internal use , a date range mechanic per widget basis would be handy.

I was about to post a request for this feature too.


Thanks for the feedback guys. This is near the top of our list in terms of features we want to support, so i'll keep people updated as we start working on it. For now, a similar outcome can be achieved by using the variable groups associated with your dashboard. Not quite as granular as a slider, but may meet some use cases in the mean time.