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UNIFYMonitor Branded Alert Emails

Oscar Ferne 2 weeks ago • updated 1 week ago 9

UNIFYMonitor was developed to act as a branded portal to host content driven by PowerBI and Azure. While working on a client who has requirements for alert monitoring through UNIFYMonitor it was raised that the alerts we deliver to the client are branded and sent from Microsoft Azure. It would be preferable if the alerts, like our dashboards, are branded as UNIFY products.

The Log Analytics team have stated (here) that they plan on incorporating email/sms templates into the platform; however, there is no stated timeline or information on what level of customisation will be available.

Alerts have several forwarding options when triggered, including the ability to send json to Azure Functions, making it relatively easy to send data to any forwarding service we may configure/develop.

In the case of this project work we plan on using Ivanti as a tool to reformat and forward the alerts we send via Azure Log Analytics.

In addition, it would be good to also define the language and naming conventions used within the alert. Structuring the alert content will ensure we can provide customers with clear and consistent descriptors of the incident that has occurred.

Product Team - Can this feature be made available for all customers? i.e. branding of all the alerts we deliver to the client.

Under review

In the current offering of Monitor that this issue relates to you'd have to ask Oscar.

As far as future state, we haven't even started to define what UNIFYMonitor is. However, I wouldn't be sending out raw Azure alerts like this anyway, it's confusing and the client shouldn't be exposed to half of the information that is contained within.

This is certainly possible from a technical perspective - as Adam said, changing the branding on the existing email still results in an email with a lot of meaningless information from the perspective of the customer, so I'd advise against that. My suggestion would be as per the OP, to use an Azure Function or Logic App to inject the event data into an email template.

However, looking more broadly, should alerts be sent directly to the customer without any surrounding context? I would consider automatically raising an incident in Ivanti, which would trigger an email to the customer, so that the resolution can be tracked properly, and both parties understand their responsibilities.

Thanks for the quick revert, Adam & Curtis - much appreciated.

Oscar had added a layer in Ivanti to translate the raw alerts into a understandable message to customer (UNE at this moment). Like the idea of tracking it through Ivanti, point is do we need to raise incidents for all sort of alerts (Amber as well as Red). Let's discuss on this once Adam A is back on deck. 

Thanks again

The current design of the automated workflow in Ivanti would allow us to forward information for multiple clients. However, as Curtis mentioned we need to clarify and focus the information that is more important to the client.

In terms of sending everything to Ivanti we should only add issues into Ivanti that we wish to track. Clients should have some level of awareness of their system and the ability to action minor or typical items without raising them as issues for UNIFY Support. This will differ per client and all alerts should go through configuration to ensure they match the system activity, the clients business rules for the severity of alerts, and how they wish to action them.

Although we still haven't defined UNIFYMonitor as a product, we are already managing alerts for clients and I believe everyone can see the value in branding the content we send to our clients. Ivanti will work for the current time; however, this item may be a quick win for building the platform, just as the original portal was a small body of work with a big value add to the way we deliver the UNIFYMonitor platform.


This may need to be split up into multiple phases of delivery - as a branded e-mail with too much info is better than an Azure branded e-mail with too much info. The initial analysis of UNIFYMonitor as a framework is scheduled for completion this month - so expect as a key stakeholder to be invited to workshops.


Thanks Shane, that sums it up. Thanks everyone, look forward to the workshop.