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A Generic Service/Framework to retrieve Support Activities (Managed Service Activities) and show the Reports and Graphs

Sooraj Payyoormana 6 months ago in Framework • updated 6 months ago 5

A Generic Framework/Service to be developed (if not exists) to retrieve all Support Tickets and other Managed Service Activities that are performed via Ivanti (using it's API) and send to Analytics and there should be a generic/templated (where the values and Customer Logos changes dynamically. Not sure if it is possible in PowerBI) Dashboard and Report.

Under review

Hi Sooraj

We have the ability at the moment to pull out information from Ivanti using saved searches as I discussed in the technical session here (https://unifysolutions.sharepoint.com/portals/hub/_layouts/15/PointPublishing.aspx?app=video&p=p&chid=9226d405-8711-4c4b-b105-d1a38a4510ab&vid=b6578047-01dd-41eb-a582-9bb9a3ab0b92

Would you be open to a discussion around exactly what you want from this feature and what value it brings so we could appropriately prioritise it as a backlog item.


Thanks I saw this session. My request was to make a watcher service to pull the support information to feed the Operations Dashboards. 

For example, on MoE PowerBI Dashboard, we are providing the Support Ticket details which are retrieved from Excel sheet (Manual entry by Raj and Team). This can be replaced by a Generic Service (For all customers on same use case) calling Ivanti API Endpoints.

David, we can have a discussion on this if required. Please schedule one if needed. My calendar is open

We need a full definition of what the functionality currently is and minimum requirements of this feature that would enable discontinuing the use of the manually updated excel spreadsheet. If you would prefer to discuss these items over a call I can book one for monday morning so that we can flesh out these requirements

Sorry David, the notifications were delivering to Junk mails :-( even after having unifysolutions.net as the domain.

I am ok for a call this week. I will ask Amol/Marc to setup the meeting.

Hi Sooraj, there were a couple of use cases that were envisioned in the work David did - one was a roll-up internal executive dashboard, the other is the use case you have determined.  So I'm glad you've come to the same conclusion, shows the initial research & development was for something others think is important.

In my mind, the entire front end view needs to be re-imagined, and this use case will obviously be top of mind. Thank you for ensuring it has been captured.