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UNIFYMonitor Branded Alert Emails

Oscar Ferne 1 year ago updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 11 months ago 9

UNIFYMonitor was developed to act as a branded portal to host content driven by PowerBI and Azure. While working on a client who has requirements for alert monitoring through UNIFYMonitor it was raised that the alerts we deliver to the client are branded and sent from Microsoft Azure. It would be preferable if the alerts, like our dashboards, are branded as UNIFY products.

The Log Analytics team have stated (here) that they plan on incorporating email/sms templates into the platform; however, there is no stated timeline or information on what level of customisation will be available.

Alerts have several forwarding options when triggered, including the ability to send json to Azure Functions, making it relatively easy to send data to any forwarding service we may configure/develop.

In the case of this project work we plan on using Ivanti as a tool to reformat and forward the alerts we send via Azure Log Analytics.


This item has been roadmapped for the current project.

Under review

Have Pie Graph Display Number

Andrew Grant (Software Developer) 3 months ago in Dashboard updated by Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 3 months ago 1

Have the pie graph widget display the number within the segments of the graph without having to hover over it.


AMS should incorporate the FIM/MIM health check reporting

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 2 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 7 months ago 3

AMS should incorporate the FIM/MIM reporting currently used for health checks on support contracts.


UNIFYMonitor will provide an SDK for end services to integrate.


Low level login/logout verification

Ravneel Lal 2 years ago in Service / Plugins updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 7 months ago 2

When testing login/logout functionality in applications, there should be a low level verification that the login was as expected such as checking SAML messages, id tokens etc 

Curtis Lusmore 7 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Ravneel. I've added this to the backlog.


Dropdown CSS improvement

Matthew Dayne 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 11 months ago 1

I believe that the dropdowns on Monitor could do with some minor changes, in particular:

  1. user-selectnone;
  2. cursorpointer;




This item will likely be not applicable with the new project, and is not worth fixing for the current solution.


Add client logo to the web portal granting more space in the dashboard.

Adam Aurisch 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson 1 year ago 5

Currently the clients logo is presented in the dashboard. There is an undefined issues where-by the logo sometimes doesn't appear. To remove this issue altogether it would be best to remove the logo  element from the dashboard granting more real estate for other metrics. The logo is still a nicety so It would be good to show it near the name of the client dashboard at the top of the screen or perhaps in place of the name..  

David Parsonson 1 year ago

This functionality has been added and is now live in the production site of monitor. There is now an action on the operations team to remove the logo tiles from the dashboards to create space for other more useful metrics

Under review

Reports for Business and Operational Support

Sooraj Payyoormana 2 years ago in Dashboard updated 2 years ago 2

Various Reports should be available as part of AMS which would be targetting users in different levels:

  1. Business Users
  2. Operational Support
  3. Management
  4. etc.

Split data agent ingestion packages into smaller sizes.

Andrew Grant (Software Developer) 11 hours ago in Service / SDK updated 10 hours ago 0

Currently there is an ingestion limit of 1 MB active on the Dev ingestion service. For a couple of dashboards in the Dev instance of UNIFYMonitor, the data being pushed in each package is much larger than 1 MB and all incoming packages fail to be ingested into Data Explorer. Development can not be done on these dashboards as no current data is available.

Under review

DEV monitor dashboards not loading

Hayden Gray 1 day ago in Dashboard updated 1 day ago 1

Hello All,

I'm currently experiencing an issue in DEV whereby when loading a dashboard an error occors and the dashboard stops loading. Additionally all subsequent widgets also provide an error when attempting to load individually.

So far i have been able to narrow this down to DEV and not a data issue. This is because production and dev dashboards are being sent the same data and the dashboard loads fine in DEV. The issue also hasn't always been in DEV. Previously the dashboard was working fine, though I cannot recall the exact point it stopped working.

If you need me to do any further testing just let me know. I'll include the errors below in a comment.

Thanks for your help

Not a bug

Alert not triggering in prod

Hayden Gray 2 days ago in Dashboard updated by Ripleigh Gartside (Software Developer) 1 day ago 1

Hi Guys,

I have an alert in prod that doesn't appear to be triggering. I am certain the relevant data is in there but cannot confirm for sure. I've tried testing the alert, recreating but i cannot get an alert to actually send an email. If you could provide any information on troubleshooting or if this is a known issue letting me know, that would but much appreciated.



Found to be a problem with the specific query, rather than the alerts.