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Have Pie Graph Display Number

Andrew Grant (Software Engineer) 9 months ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 5 months ago 2

Have the pie graph widget display the number within the segments of the graph without having to hover over it.


Dropdown CSS improvement

Matthew Dayne 2 years ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 1 year ago 1

I believe that the dropdowns on Monitor could do with some minor changes, in particular:

  1. user-selectnone;
  2. cursorpointer;




This item will likely be not applicable with the new project, and is not worth fixing for the current solution.


Add client logo to the web portal granting more space in the dashboard.

Adam Aurisch 2 years ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson 2 years ago 5

Currently the clients logo is presented in the dashboard. There is an undefined issues where-by the logo sometimes doesn't appear. To remove this issue altogether it would be best to remove the logo  element from the dashboard granting more real estate for other metrics. The logo is still a nicety so It would be good to show it near the name of the client dashboard at the top of the screen or perhaps in place of the name..  

David Parsonson 2 years ago

This functionality has been added and is now live in the production site of monitor. There is now an action on the operations team to remove the logo tiles from the dashboards to create space for other more useful metrics

Under review

Reports for Business and Operational Support

Sooraj Payyoormana 2 years ago in Dashboard updated 2 years ago 2

Various Reports should be available as part of AMS which would be targetting users in different levels:

  1. Business Users
  2. Operational Support
  3. Management
  4. etc.

Maximum row limit on query preview

Having a hard limit on the number of results returned in a query preview (or, as a dropdown) would reduce load on the UNIFYMonitor service while people are building dashboards. Currently there's no limit, so if people don't set one in their query then it will return all rows available to that query.

Alongside that, having the ability to display a count of displayed records & how many would have returned (IE Displaying 1000 records of 50,000 possible) would allow people to ensure their queries are returning expected results, without needing to return all possible rows.

Under review

Request from customer to have configurable time range (time range slider)

Adam Aurisch 3 weeks ago in Dashboard updated 3 weeks ago 2


I have a request from a customer that asks "Really want to stress that time range should be configurable so that we can make the changes without needing any modification to actual report/dashboard"

In conversations what was described was a slider where by you can select the time range which updates the associated dashboard metrics.

This would differ from the existing functionality where by you select the drop down and choose a pre-configured time range.

Under review

Ability to Reorder Variables in Dropdown

Todd Turner 2 months ago in Dashboard updated by Beau Harrison (Software Engineer) 2 months ago 1

Under review

Large query responses freeze dashboard

Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 2 months ago in Dashboard updated by Hayden Gray 1 week ago 1

If a query returns a large dataset, the whole dashboard will freeze in an attempt to render the widgets.


Geo-Maps Metric option

Adam Aurisch 3 months ago in Dashboard updated by Beau Harrison (Software Engineer) 3 months ago 1
Can we get a metric option in UNIFYMonitor which allows for Geo-Mapping data points? This would be similar to the PowerBi map metric below.


Alerts sometimes triggering 2 emails

Hayden Gray 4 months ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 2 months ago 3


Recently I have been noticing some alerts in Prod triggering twice. The curious this about this is one alert has its images able to be downloaded, and the other's images seem to be broken (I'll put some images in a below comment). I've so far I've only been seeing this within a single account but it seems to be happening to both people listed on the alert trigger.

So far I have tested the following:

  • Checked for duplicate alerts.
  • Deleted and re-added the alert - haven't seen an occurrence again yet but I have only been able to test with the "test alert" function.

As mentioned above, I haven't been able to reproduce the error with the Test Alerts, but I still have quite a few occurrences where its kicking off two with regular data from two different instances.

If you need any further information just let me know.



Hey Hayden,

This should have been resolved in the latest release for UNIFYMonitor. If you still notice it being a problem, please feel free to re-open the ticket.