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Under review

Request from customer to have configurable time range (time range slider)

Adam Aurisch 2 years ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 1 year ago 6


I have a request from a customer that asks "Really want to stress that time range should be configurable so that we can make the changes without needing any modification to actual report/dashboard"

In conversations what was described was a slider where by you can select the time range which updates the associated dashboard metrics.

This would differ from the existing functionality where by you select the drop down and choose a pre-configured time range.


Error when adding a new email notification to an alert trigger

Andrew Grant (Software Engineer) 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 12 months ago 3

The following error us displayed when attempting to add a new email notification to an alert trigger: 

[UAR-400]Error occurred while attempting to update alert trigger '131'

The notification is not added as a result.

The same error is shown when copying or importing an alert trigger which has at least one existing email notification.


This has been fixed and released to production.


Have Pie Graph Display Number

Andrew Grant (Software Engineer) 2 years ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 2 years ago 2

Have the pie graph widget display the number within the segments of the graph without having to hover over it.

Under review

Import dashboard config over existing dashboard

Andrew Grant (Software Engineer) 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 1 year ago 3

The ability to import updated dashboard configuration over the top of an existing dashboard. This will allow the user to modify the dashboard JSON and upload it over the existing config rather than creating a new dashboard with the updates and deleting the old dashboard.


Dropdown CSS improvement

Matthew Dayne 3 years ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 3 years ago 1

I believe that the dropdowns on Monitor could do with some minor changes, in particular:

  1. user-selectnone;
  2. cursorpointer;




This item will likely be not applicable with the new project, and is not worth fixing for the current solution.


Add client logo to the web portal granting more space in the dashboard.

Adam Aurisch 4 years ago in Dashboard updated by David Parsonson (Platform and Automation Manager) 3 years ago 5

Currently the clients logo is presented in the dashboard. There is an undefined issues where-by the logo sometimes doesn't appear. To remove this issue altogether it would be best to remove the logo  element from the dashboard granting more real estate for other metrics. The logo is still a nicety so It would be good to show it near the name of the client dashboard at the top of the screen or perhaps in place of the name..  


This functionality has been added and is now live in the production site of monitor. There is now an action on the operations team to remove the logo tiles from the dashboards to create space for other more useful metrics

Under review

Reports for Business and Operational Support

Sooraj Payyoormana 4 years ago in Dashboard updated 4 years ago 2

Various Reports should be available as part of AMS which would be targetting users in different levels:

  1. Business Users
  2. Operational Support
  3. Management
  4. etc.

Form for creating a new dashboard should show account display name instead of account id

The form for creating a new dashboard shows the account id. Would be a cleaner user experience if the account display name was shown.

Under review

Caching data between widgets with same Id

Andrew Grant (Software Engineer) 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 1 year ago 1

Widgets imported with the same widget Id will share data. Reloading one widget will update both with the same results regardless of whether the queries are different. 

Under review

Funnel chart type

Adam Aman 1 year ago in Dashboard updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Software Engineer) 1 year ago 1

A request has come in from a customer to have a funnel chart type which included drill down capability. I have explained to the customer that it is not current functionality but have submitted it as feedback in this topic. 

I imagine the intended functionality would display a metric at the top of the funnel i.e. total errors -> then funnel down to say total 500 errors -> then say to total 500 errors in NSW -> then clicking on that would display the grid view of all the 500 errors for NSW users. 

This functionality I Imagine would work somewhat like the summarize function does https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-explorer/kusto/query/summarizeoperator by taking total data and aggregating it to a simpler metric