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AMS should incorporate the FIM/MIM health check reporting

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 1 year ago in MIM Health Check • updated by Adam Aurisch 1 year ago 2

AMS should incorporate the FIM/MIM reporting currently used for health checks on support contracts.

Curtis Lusmore 1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Shane.

I've added this as an item to our backlog.


Customer-focused Ivanti Open tickets report for Dashboard

Bob Bradley 10 months ago in MIM Health Check • updated by Matthew Davis 3 months ago 1

The former hand-crafted MIM Health Check report used to incorporate listings of both Open and Recently Closed JIRA tickets.  Reports listing the same data, with Ivanti links direct to the issue, would be useful additions to the PowerBI reporting suite.

Matthew Davis 3 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion Bob. I've added Ivanti as a potential stakeholder for future integrations as we progress the new project.


PowerShell LogWriter to write Broker logs directly to OMS for real time MIM alerting/monitoring

Bob Bradley 10 months ago in MIM Health Check • updated 10 months ago 3

Presently the email logwriter is used at 2 sites to write ERROR level alerts to designated UNIFY O365 distribution groups.  However these would be better served as JSON alert records written to OMS in the identical format of the corresponding Health Check JSON file.  This way they could drive both (selective) OMS alerting as well as (selective) dashboard publishing.

I'm thinking of implementing this myself, but I can see a broader benefit of consistent automated real-time montitoring across all Broker sites (particularly with Event Broker, which is now a prerequisite for ALL UNIFY MIM sites.

Curtis Lusmore 10 months ago

Hi Bob,

Identity Broker v5.2 includes the Azure Log Analytics Log Writer and so can do this out-of-the-box. The next release of Event Broker (after v4.0) should also include this log writer.

Please see the latest comment on the linked ticket for an example PowerShell script for use in lower versions of the two products.


MA Connector Errors Drill-down reporting capability

Bob Bradley 10 months ago in MIM Health Check • updated by Matthew Davis 3 months ago 4

As part of a recent engagement at a customer, where consolidated reports of all export and import (sync) errors per MIM connector were required to support a MIM sync config deployment, a new script MIMErrors.ps1 has been developed to run selected SQL reports from a library AllSQL.xml.  A separate HTML application (MIMErrors.hta) has always allowed these reports to be run interactively, displaying the results in an HTML table.  However the script version was required for the customer due to problems running an HTA on their host.  I have checked the above files into a new subfolder in the UNIFY Solutions.Tools repository.

As a result of this development, the script could now be adapted for inclusion in the Run-HealthCheck.ps1 scheduled task ... either as a custom extension or as a standard option with the -FIMSync switch, and generate JSON data instead of HTML files, for consumption in OMS/PowerBI.  These could then be used to drive new reports, including 2 specific ones (ExportErrors and ImportErrors) to support drill-down capability for the existing MA Connector Errors report.

Some things to consider:

  • Frequency - at least two customers run the healthcheck report hourly, and this may be overkill ... a separate suggestion is being made to support the running of this script at different frequencies for different switches
  • Security - a check would need to be made before implementing a report that identified individual CS/MV objects to make sure that this isn't in violation of any security constraints that need to be observed for each specific customer
  • Approach - SQL may not be the best way of retrieving the data, e.g use of the https://github.com/lithnet/miis-powershell PS module may be preferable in an architectural sense because the FIMSynchronizationService database is not strictly designed as a reporting source and is prone to locking if queries are not constructed explicitly to avoid this possibility.
  • Target audience - this would generally only be for SD resources who need to be able troubleshoot specific issues without needing to VPN to the customer site to investigate
Matthew Davis 3 months ago

Hey Bob,

This item will be revisited with the new UNIFYMonitor project, where the data collection capability will be revisited to allow functionality as suggested above.

Not a bug

Font baseline should align between label and metric.

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 10 months ago in MIM Health Check • updated by Matthew Davis 3 months ago 1

The baselines should line up
Matthew Davis 3 months ago

Item will be reassessed with the new project


Timezone in results

Adrian Corston 1 year ago in MIM Health Check • updated by Matthew Davis 3 months ago 2

Hi guys,

Is there some way we could have these times/dates shown in a local timezone rather than UTC?  If not then could the results at least mention the timezone (rather than the viewer having to assume it, based on the search interval start time).



Matthew Davis 3 months ago

This will be resolved with the new project.